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Developed software systems

  • Optimization software tools for wind farm by commercial API implementation, 2016 (Screenshot)
  • Business intelligence system via group decision making, 2016, (Screenshot)
  • E-learning tool for visualization of shortest paths algorithms, 2015, (Screenshot)
  • Combinatorial optimization modeling approach for one-dimensional cutting stock problems, 2015, (Screenshot)
  • Determination the theoretical parameters of NVD considering the temperature influence, 2014, (Screenshot)
  • Web Application for Group Decision-Making, 2014, (Screenshot)
  • Web-based Tool for Preliminary Assessment of Wind Power Plant Design, 2014, (Screenshot)
  • Wind software system for optimal wind park design, 2009. (Screenshot)
  • LIOP-1 software system is designed to find optimal (minimal or maximal) solutions of linear and linear integer problems.
  • MULTIDECISION Multicriteria Decision Support Systems MultiDecision are designed to aid decision makers in solving different multicriteria analysis and multicriteria optimization problems. MultiDecision consists of two independent parts: 1) MKA subsystem of multicriteria analysis, 2) MKO subsystem of multicriteria optimization
  • -TEST software system for e-learning selftesing, (Demo)
  • NVDpro - Software system for night vision devices design, 2008. (Demo)
  • G-Data - Software system for combinatorial graph algorithms, 2009. (Screenshot)
  • NVGpro Web-based software system for night vision goggles design, Contract with Ԕ , # 210179 , 2007-2008. (Demo)
  • Software system for optimal manufacturing scheduling in RAIS Ltd., Contract with - -201, 2006. (Screenshot)
  • "C Programming Language" (abstract and content of distant learning course) (Screenshot)
  • BASICS OF PNEUMATICS e-learning multimedia course. Contract with No -05, 2003-2006. (Demo)
  • E-teaching tesing framework (Demo)
  • INFO 3 - Information system for scientific and application activities of GFI - BAS, (Screenshot)
  • INFO 2 - Information system for scientific and application activities of CLHG - BAS.
  • INFO 1 - Information system for scientific and application activities of IIT - BAS.

Last update: January 2017